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Writing an influential text (e.g. project proposal) is more than just having a good idea. By using ACTION model of influence for scripting we can influence the reader on the subconscious level even if our idea is not so great. People don't and can't know they are being influenced and thus believe they came up with the idea you implanted.

Evidence from real life:

- 90 % or more of Clinton's and Obama's speeches include these techniques.

- The best ads, media programs and music videos include these techniques to anchor emotions on products

- 95 % or more of "ordinary" people will never have the chance to understand how they are being influenced.


The advantages of learning these scripting techniques:

- you will become influential in all influential writing (proposals, sales, memos, speeches, books...)

- you will be able to notice the techniques used in professional writing in a different way and understand how you are being influenced


The fact than ACTION scripting can be learned quickly has been proved on more than a thousand executives, politicians and students in their everyday work and assignment.


Basic (8 hour) training consists of:

- aim setting

- establishing connection with the reader

- verbal persuasion techniques

- using constructed metaphors

- 4MAT structure

- sense systems

- emotions anchoring

- advance language patterns for trance inductions


Training is based on real sales, lobbying, political and advertising material. To achieve professional level more practice and TMT techniques can be learned. Parts of this training are included in the trainers' training.

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