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This presentation offers a new perspective on influence. At the moment you try to persuade others you will have resistance. Maximum influence is therefore obtained not by force and motivation but by inspiration. In order for others to follow you peaceful mind and relaxation are essential. As true leader you will learn how to learn and influence others by first having control over your own emotions and internal states.

A year old baby beats many athletes on the endurance per muscle mass only because at the time of not moving baby’s muscles are relaxed and soft. Babies are not stressed all the time and have no programmes running in their head about what may happen in the future. Similarly cats can perform jumps many times higher in equivalent per muscle mass than best human athletes only because they use their energy wisely and relax deeply when resting.

As adults we are taught to use too much muscle tension that causes neck/back pains and especially lack of energy. Outside stress factors and especially media content suggestions may contribute to the tension disabling the normal functioning of our body and using the "be- on-guard mode" all the time. If we imagine the best computer in the world and infect it with several viruses - its procesing power for nonvirus application is reduced and it heats up until it eventually collapses. Similarly even the best bodies are worn down when used on full time all the time. As a consequence of this redundant tension we can shorten our lives for more than 15 years.

In sport coaching, therapy and everyday life relaxation has become a must to achieve great success, results and personal satisfaction. Basic patterns will demonstrate how to relax others and yourself with your presence, words and your voice. In this presentation participants will get an insight to the benefits and methods used to entrance and influence individuals and masses proactively. PRO-ACT techniques selected for this demonstration include ultra deep and ultra high relaxation states with covert and agreed on inductions and deepening techniques. In combination with influence PRO ACT demonstration you will be convinced that "pulling" and being proactive will bring you great results and peacefully achieved life satisfaction.


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