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In the last 20 years we have gathered, developed and tested a wide range of techniques to find out which ones activate success potential in organization. We developed a display of PRO-active Communication Techniques (PRO-ACT) as a joint academic and practitioner effort to record and develop techniques that will, if applied, activate your success potential. Our mission is a genius contribution to a better world of personal development by training these techniques to practitioner, masters and trainers of PRO-ACT. Trainees are able to apply ready to use tested techniques to train, consult, coach, consult and make changes in therapy sessions.

PRO-ACT is short for PRO-Active Communication Techiques and was developed to help you develop your success potential. It consists of proven techiques based on the science of communication and social behaviour. Now a certified training, PRO-ACT is simple to understand and easy to apply in your work and private life.

...we gathered different techiques from numerous sources and tested them to find out which work best. On this basis we developed a structure, refined the techiques and applied them in our lives and in the lives of our students.

Unfortunately great lives are not achieved by a mere motivation. There are principles and if you aply them you will achieve great results. PRO-ACT can help you open your eyes, ears and your mind to create an extraordinary quality of life today. Sometimes it takes just a small first step, a presentation you attend or a book you read to gain the power to influence yourself and others to live a life of joy, achievement and ultimately the life of contribution. Not now, not ever, a change is possible without your action with PRO-ACT. Get started today and engage the power of momentum to transform your life. You can learn to manage your time, set goals, get motivated, and achieve a higher level of success using small proven steps and starting today.

Training is based on a four level certification:
- practitioner of PRO-active Communication Techiques
- master practitioner of PRO-active Communication Techiques
- trainer of PRO-active Communication Techiques
- master trainer of PRO-active Communication Techiques

PRO-ACT consist of the following five core modules:
- PRO-ACT for sensory control
- PRO-ACT for understanding people
- PRO-ACT for influence
- PRO-ACT for life contribution

PRO-ACT training is designed with applications to four areas of your life:
- PRO-ACT personal
- PRO-ACT business
- PRO-ACT relationships
- PRO-ACT presentation and training

PRO-Active Communication is essential because there are techniques which, if you aply them, will enable you to discover your hidden success potential. We aim to inspire rather than motivate, we aim to change lives rather than only provide information.

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